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Our happy clients

When preparing for this season I turned to Correct Fitness Systems to get me back on track after a costly injury and make strides towards being an elite rider. My CFS Coach Sam Simpson and I worked closely to assess my strengths and weaknesses to make the best fitness and diet plan so that I could reach all of my goals. I was challenged in ways that I had never experienced during workouts but I couldn't have been happier with my results. The guys at CFS are passionate about what they do, and great at doing it.

-Alex Tuttle III
 US National Snowboard Team
 Boardercross Athlete

I moved to Miami, FL immediately after graduating college at a buck fifty, soaking wet. I loved the idea of the sunshine and the beach but soon realized after arriving in Miami I'd need to do something in order to, let's just say, "stay relevant". With that I took my behind to Bally's Fitness and signed up for a membership.

I didn't know what I was doing... I'd go into the gym and attempt to imitate the movements of others all while youtubing "how to exercises....". Maybe I'd have a plan put together by body builders (all based on goals and a few current measurements. (haha)

It worked to the extent 'working out' or 'training' caught my interest and slowly became a hobby and part of my lifestyle, so I can't take anything away from how I became involved, or the lack of progress.

Most of my future routines would be put together from the likes of friends, Men's Health articles, and browsing the web... Let's not forget those annoying 'know it alls' in the gym too.

By this point (almost three years later) I had built somewhat of a foundation, but was still not where I wanted to be. I would weight in between 170-175lbs constantly and couldn't figure how to tip the scales, even w supplementation (creatine, protein, etc). Yes, I was much bigger than I ever was, but had not reached my goals. I finally gave up weight training, and said to myself, if I can't get any bigger, I might as well be conditioned with a nice six pack.

That's when I joined the Correct Fitness Systems family of training and got my coach Dan Casey. You meet a lot of people in the fitness industry, but few that really understand and comprehend the science behind it. Dan proved that through conversations and through the programming he provided for my training facility. That's when I decided to zone back in on my goals of strength and size. I trusted what he was telling me enough to put myself back through the punishment I wasn't necessarily looking forward to at 30 years old...

I contracted Dan to write program(s) for myself which would help me reach my goals. The true essence of exercise physiology. Dan took time to understand my body's strength and weaknesses. What muscles needed more of a push than others, and just how far he could push me.

He constantly makes himself available through email and chat to check in and follow up; he provides encouragement and support by setting the tone of his expectations; he stays up to date with progress, suggesting news ideas and rebalancing the program based any soreness or injuries. A true fitness industry professional with your best interests at hand.

There is no doubt in my mind Dan's programs have brought me the next level of my fitness. Currently I weigh in at 190lbs and feel stronger than ever. Very excited to see what lies next in my training with Dan and Correct Fitness Systems.

-Doug Smith

When I started General Surgery residency, I weighed in at 170 pounds, a hefty size for my 5’4” frame, thanks to the bad eating and sleeping habits I acquired during medical school. Through my 5 years of General Surgery training, not having enough time to eat helped me lose 20 pounds. Then a friend introduced me to working out, and that is how I met Daniel Patrick Casey. He was one of the trainers at my gym and he also did the programming for our daily workouts. I did not know it then but I had just met the person who was going to change my life.

I am a surgeon and of course somewhat of a know-it-all. And I would internally roll my eyes whenever trainers explained how something is “good for me.” However, I immediately noticed that the way Dan broke down the movements made sense to me. For example, Dan has a gift for breaking down complicated Olympic lifting movements into pieces and he would never allow us to lift unsafely. He patiently went through the progression with the class and only allowed the people that were ready to proceed perform the full movement. I appreciate this more now after I’ve relocated to a new gym because I often get compliments on my “good form.”

His ability to explain and demonstrate movements is clearly due to his understanding of which muscle groups are being used for what exercises. I was always amazed when he could predict where I would be sore the next day from the combination of exercise he had put together any given day. Following Dan’s sessions five days in a row would mean that in the course of a week, I will have worked out different areas of the body, all this without my knowledge or plan. The movements were always changing. I was never bored, always challenged, and above all constantly encouraged. I used to think personal trainers had a box of tricks and randomly drew out exercises for their clients in a certain allotted time period. But I realized that the Correct Fitness Systems trainers plan days, weeks, and even months in advance. Their Master’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology no doubt allow them to fully understand muscular anatomy, joint mobility, and these factors all combine to make them not only great coaches, but a source of knowledge.

In addition to his incredible ability to explain and plan workouts tailored to different people, Coach Dan’s ability to instill determination is his best quality. He is constantly focused on the clients during our workouts, and without being overbearing, reiterates words of encouragement throughout the weeks of training. Sometimes, he is the only reason I power through a workout. In the year I have been working with Dan, I have not only managed to lose 20 pounds, I have dropped my body fat percentage by more than 12%, and my body and mind have completely transformed. I always thought I am not a “gym girl,” but Dan has shown me that exercise and eating healthy is not a phase—it is a way of life. My outlook on life is brighter, I feel happier, and this is definitely the healthiest I have ever been. All thanks to Coach Dan, who through his ability to explain different exercises, his deep understanding of body mechanics, and his eternally positive attitude, has become the best coach/trainer/friend/life saver I have met thus far.

-Ying Zhuge, MD