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My CFS Training Package

Your coach will take you through Goal Setting and write you a personalized weight training and conditioning program. You will receive your programs next phase each month to progress you to your goals!

Your nutrition is important to reaching your goals, so our staff will work with you to design guidelines for you to follow that will ensure the best possible path to attaining your goals!

You will be individually assigned a coach from our coaching team who will take you through our system, Goal Setting, your individual program, nutrition guidelines, and check in on you to make sure everything is going according to plan!

Our designed Progress Tracker is a place where your coach and YOU can input comments, thoughts, and feelings on workouts, nutrition, and any other factors that go along with your plan!

Correct Fitness Systems delivers the highest quality supplement line to you! Coaches will advise you on what supplements you will benefit from using during each individual phase of your program!